Cut Out The Middle Man To Save More On Home Remodeling

One of the best ways to increase the value of your home is to invest in a home remodeling project.  Whether it’s a new renovation or restoration of an existing area, money spent on upgrading your home is a smart investment – if you know all the facts.

There are many good home improvement contractors to choose from and consumers should always be diligent in checking reputations and references.  Once that’s done, look for a company that designs, builds and installs the products they offer.  It allows you – the homeowner – to deal direct with the manufacturer that not only makes the cabinets you put in your kitchen, but actually installs them once they are built.  This approach avoids the contractor who buys the same cabinets from a manufacturer and then marks them up before offering them to the homeowner.  It’s an unnecessary step and a needless expense.

Dealing direct with a manufacturer has other strong advantages.  You are able to engage with them in the design process to assure the products they make mirror your exact style and unique preferences.  When middle men get involved, mistakes can happen and all mistakes cost you money.  By working with a firm that actually builds custom cabinets and other components such as entertainment centers, shelving and like items, you are not charged a sales tax because you are buying direct from the manufacturer and the investment is considered a capital improvement.  They can also assist you with more design options that give you greater, more flexible space planning choices for your home.

Choosing a company that designs, builds and installs the products used in your home remodeling project is a simpler, more cost-effective way to upgrade your home.  It’s a seamless approach that not only saves you money, but time.  Your renovation will be customized your way, providing higher quality and long term value that is unsurpassed.

~ By Michael Quatela, Owner

Craftworks Custom Cabinetry

1267 East Ridge Rd., Rochester