Having a kitchen remodel performed by a company that offers comprehensive design and build remodeling services is the best way to ensure that you receive the kitchen that is uniquely yours.
When you choose Craftworks we ensure both a smooth and enjoyable remodeling process, and that you receive a beautiful, custom-crafted bathroom that perfectly meets your needs and reflects your unique tastes.
Custom Built-ins and Entertainment Centers present wonderful opportunities and unique challenges. We work with our clients to bring our their visions for the way they want to customize their homes living experience.
Craftworks Custom Cabinetry handcrafts fine furniture, custom upholstery and restores heirloom furniture with a love for the process and a fine attention to detail. Our customers receive a product that will last a lifetime and add beauty to any house.
Custom Cabinets & Remodeling Rochester - Craftworks Custom Cabinetry

Why we are Rochester’s Premier Custom Cabinetry Company

Michael Quatela has been in the furniture business his whole life and creating custom cabinetry since 1990. Since starting Craftworks Custom Cabinetry over 30 years ago, Michael focuses on exceeding customer expectations.

Craftworks Custom Cabinetry has a proven record staying within these guidelines – “Consult, Design and Create”. We start with thorough planning, which is crucial to the successful completion of all projects. Assessing our customers’ goals, then creating a design to create an estimate that will work within their budget.

Should I pay for everything upfront or stagger the payments? Never, ever pay the full cost of a remodeling project upfront.  Reputable contractors will spread payments out over 3-4 payments with each one contingent on the prior stage of work being completed to your satisfaction.  It’s common for the amounts of payments to vary because of material costs and the payment schedule and amounts should be clearly outlined in the remodeling agreement.   If the contractor does not offer a formal agreement, this is a red flag and you should ask for one or seek a contractor that puts the scope of work, time schedule and payment arrangements in writing.

If you hire an outside kitchen or remodeling designer, you pay whatever fees they charge.  In most cases, it’s money well spent.  Trying to save money by allowing a remodeling company to do the design work is often pennywise and pound foolish decision.  At Craftworks, our customers enjoy the confidence of knowing the people who design their project are the same ones who perform the work.  Even more importantly, we offer free design consultation that saves our customers considerable time and money.

Skill, experience, and references are the three most critical things used to evaluate remodeling contractors.  There are many reputable contractors to choose from and of course some you’ll want to avoid for various reasons.  Many contractors purchase stock cabinets from a wholesaler.  At Craftworks, we manufacture cabinets in-house according to your unique specifications.   Another advantage of Craftworks is we are a local, family run business with the owner personally involved in every phase of the project from design through final installation.  Not all remodeling contractors are experienced with older homes so it’s wise to inquire about their qualifications if your home was built 30 years or more ago.  Last but not least, ask for references from customers who have homes like yours so you can compare “apples with apples.”

Remodeling project time frames can vary greatly.  On the average, a typical kitchen remodel takes anywhere from three to six weeks and sometimes longer if structural changes or new floor plans are involved.  At Craftworks Custom Cabinetry, we understand the inconvenience homeowners experience with kitchen projects.  It’s why we build the kitchen cabinetry in our workroom, give you the opportunity to inspect it in our shop, allow for any changes and only then bring it to your home for installation.  Once everything is built and approved, our average installation time is about three days or less from start to finish.

Custom Cabinets & Remodeling Rochester - Craftworks Custom Cabinetry

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Why choose us?

Our team at Craftworks Custom Cabinetry take immense pride in our ability to create an innovative solution to any situation. We offer a full range of services from consultation to deigns to installation. Our punctual and courteous installations are handled by our in house staff-not by third-party contract. We sincerely want to ensure your complete satisfaction in any project we do with you.

Custom Cabinets & Remodeling Rochester - Craftworks Custom Cabinetry

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