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A Great New Year’s Resolution

Santa finally delivered you the giant flat screen you always wanted and now you’re faced with an unexpected dilemma: where to put it without disrupting the décor in your home. While many homeowners install the TV on a bare wall, most are baffled about where to put all the auxiliary equipment such as the cable box, CD player, surround sound system and other electronics.

Big box stores offer limited, generic storage solutions such are pre-built entertainment units and stock shelving options. As the size of flat screens continues to expand, these off-the-shelf storage solutions become even less viable.

The logical answer is having a custom entertainment center or built-in shelving unit designed and installed. While the cost will exceed the price of pre-built retail units, custom built-ins will enhance your décor and add value to your home which will negate any price differential in the long run.

Custom built-in shelving and entertainment centers can give your home a rich appearance that free-standing units can never achieve. Because they are attached and not free-standing, they become a part of your home, rendering a smooth transition between spaces that add to a coherent look. They blend into your home décor instead of standing out like an ugly thumb and actually take up less space than external units to maximize your living area.

Many built-ins cover an entire wall which expands your storage area and you can put your personal touch on the design with customized options such as material selection, finishes, and lighting. Customization allows you to design a unit that transitions smoothly into your décor as if it were there from the beginning.

Custom built-ins are not limited to just to living room areas. Spaces in bedrooms and bathrooms are other areas where built-ins improve both appearance and functionality. Many homeowners are getting rid of free-standing buffet units in dining areas, opting instead for the rich look of a built-in that significantly increases their storage space.

When considering a custom built-in, contact a furniture or cabinetry maker and explore all the design options available. Materials can be matched to complement furniture already in your home and if budget is a prime concern, many less costly materials are available that can be adapted to blend in perfectly with your current décor. Work with a company that has experience crafting custom built-ins and always remember to ask for references to check their reputation.

A custom built-in shelving or entertainment unit is a great New Year’s resolution and don’t forget to leave Santa a few extra cookies next December for giving you the inspiration that enhanced the appearance of your home.

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By Michael Quatela, Owner, Craftworks Custom Cabinetry